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Hallstatt from the boat – rental possibilities

Discover Hallstatt from different perspective – the surface of the lake. The city of Hallstatt and its surroundings offer countless possibilities for spending time here. If you’re looking for a way to explore the area, try renting a boat and cruising around the lake.

  • Renting a boat
  • Where to rent a boat?
  • Which types of boats I can rent
  • Where to go on the boat
  • What time will I need?
  • How much the boat rental cost?
  • Is there anything I should know before renting the boat?

Renting a boat in Hallstatt lake area

Whether you are in this area for the first time or this is your come back place, renting a
boat is always a good idea. One visit will definitely not be enough for you to get to know all the beauties that the local landscape has to offer. On the calm surface of the lake, you can turn of your head and just enjoy the moment. You can take your whole family or your friends and cruise the lake with them. If you are a couple, this would be the romantic part of your vacation.

Where to rent a boat?

If you decide to go for it, there are multiple rentals around the lake. One of them is right in the center of Hallstatt. The rental name is Schwarzmayer Bootsverleih and their customers are very satisfied with their services. You can rent an electric boat in here or a pedal boat.

  • I highly recommend renting an electric boat in this shop. If the weather is good, it is recommended to rent an electric boat for an hour. The current price is 27 euros and it can accommodate four people. Lake Hallstatt is very big and one hour is not enough time to see the whole lake. Driving an electric boat yourself is the most valuable experience here
  • I definitely recommend renting a boat. We rented an electrical boat of 27 euros for an hour. An hour was long enough, it was fun to have enough time to see a lot of the lake. Very beautiful views! The boat is easy to use.

Another option is Kanuverlaih – Pathfinder Events. It is located four kilometers north from Hallstatt next to the parking lot Gosaumühle. You can rent different types of boats in here – for example kayaks, paddle boards (SUPs). Company rents boats also in Steegwirt Bad Goisern or Untersee lido.

  • My wife and I rented a pair of 4 meter Prion touring kayaks from this buisness. The boats were in good condition, performed well, and were easily able to make the 6 mile round trip to and from Hastatt. We also found the owner to be friendly and responsive to calls.
  • Rented 2 sup boards for half a day for €50. Great personal (the guy with the maori tattoos on his shoulders was real nice), good instructions and a perfect location for supping. These guys deserve more reviews, but no wonder the few they get are all 5/5!

Another close option is rental at Seecafe in the town Obertraun. All types of boat are here, waiting for you to ride them. Seecafe rents also bikes or you can jump o ferry here.

Another place to rent a boat in Hallstatt would be Bootsverleih Hemetsberger. It is just a little walk from Welterbemuseum Hallstatt. You can rent electric boats there, it is right in the center of Hallstatt. The only disadvantage are their bad google reviews. Usual complains are about old lady there. I personally rented an electric boat from this rental company and I was satisfied.

Which types of boats I can rent around Hallstatt

If you are looking for something different – you can experience the lake from the historical boat named Zille. You will go with the company and boatman who will also be your guide. Rides are provided by the NAVIA agency. They have three docks where you can get on board – one in Hallstatt, one in Obertraun and the last one in Bad Goisern on the opposite side of the lake.

Their fleet consits four Zille vessels, each twelve metres in length and 1.8 metres in width. An experienced boatman will be on board to steer your journey. He will share the history of the area surrounding the lake and answer any questions you may have about Hallstatt, the lake and the Zille boats.

When you are traveling with your family, children probably appreciate the most the pedal boat. You can find a swan shaped boats and your kids can safely even navigate them. This would be nice in the hot summer days, when you can stop for a swim.

If you want to discover more of the lake, then electric boat would be probably the best. Motor boats are not allowed on the lake Hallstatt, because of the noise and pollution. You can plan your own trip as you like it or it is also possible to bring a captain, who will take you to the best places.

Where to go on the boat – rental Hallstatt lake

The lake is 2,5 kilometers wide and 6 kilometers long. So if you start at Hallstatt, you can easily go on the other side – to the Schloss Grub castle. You can get the best view at this historical building from the water. When you are there, you should definitely go to the upper part of the lake, where the river flows into the lake. There are beautiful beaches around the trough of the river. The water is crystal clear and it is almost irresistible to take a bath.

You will be surrounded by the majestic mountains almost all the time. The only part of the lake which is flat, is on the lowest side of the lake – at the Bad Goisern city. It is where the Tran River continues away from the lake. There are also sandy beaches where you can go swimming. You can find sort of an aqua park on the shore of the lake in Bad Goisern, which is worth the visit with children and the entry is free.

What time will I need?

Rental prices are working on an hour basis. You can rent the boat for as much time as you
want to. If you only want one hour, you should probably stay near the place where you
have rented the boat. In the area of Hallstatt and Obertraun would be the best to explore
Schloss Grub Castle, beautiful beaches at the Obertraun and the Hallstatt scenario from
the surface of the lake. If you want to go further, then you should be prepared to spend
more time on the boat than just an hour.

How much the boat rental in Hallstatt cost

Electric boat 300 W – 1 hour: 19,- Eur – ½ hour: 14,- Eur
Electric boat 500 W – 1 hour: 22,- Eur – ½ hour: 17,- Eur
Swan (pedal boat) – 1 hour: 10,- Eur – ½ hour: 15,- Eur
Rowing boat – 1 hour: 10,- Eur – ½ hour: 5,- Eur
SUP – Stand up Paddling Board

Is there anything I should know before renting a boat?

If you want to explore the lake on your own, you should know, that the renting companies are working from May to September. In those months you can try the water and take the bath, if you are not scared of the cold water. Working hours are 10:00 to 18:00 everyday.

Be prepared to have you ID and probably some cash with you. Most of the companies do not take card payments yet. Last thing to know is there are possibilities, that a storm will come. In that case the rental workers will inform you how would you know and what to do in that situation.

Explore the Lake Hallstatt with boat rental

Whether you are in Hallstatt just for one day or for a longer vacation, cruising the lake on the boat is something you should most definitely do. Even if it is just for an hour, the landscapes that are going to open for you, when you are on the water are like nothing else. It is really easy to rent a boat in Hallstatt and not at all expensive. If you are not sure about riding it yourself, you can always go for a boat tour.