Hallstatt Itinerary

Hallstatt itinerary

Hallstatt itinerary – plan your visit to Hallstatt so you don’t miss a thing.

Are you going on vacation to Austria and planning a trip to the city of Hallstatt? We have a few tips for you, what not to miss during your visit, whether you are coming for a day or you are coming here for a few days’ vacation.

Among the many beautiful Austrian cities, one stands out, which has become a symbol of photography all over the internet. The city of Hallstatt attracts more and more tourists who flock here for the beautiful views and relax in the historic town on the shores of Lake Hallstatt. About the most famous landmark of this city is the tower of the evangelical church, which rises above lake level. But this place offers much more.

Hallstatt – one day itinerary

If you only have one day reserved for this place, don’t worry that it won’t be enough. You can see a lot of beautiful things in one day. But we can confirm that it does you will want to return to this city again. It has an atmosphere that captivates everyone visitor. It doesn’t really matter when you decide to honor this city with your one-day trip visit, there is something to admire in every season.

Hallstatt Skywalk

The place where you can start your trip is the Hallstatt Skywalk. The viewpoint is built in 350 meters above the city. You can leave your car in the parking lot on the outskirts of the city (P1-P4) and head towards the cable car, which will take you almost to the viewpoint. The way up takes time approximately 5 minutes and you can leave as early as 9 am. At the top you will see ‘beautiful view of the entire lake, the surrounding nature and the town of Hallstatt below you. Right at the lookout there is the Rudolfsturm restaurant, where in the summer you can have refreshments, for example, on the terrace.

Hallstatt Itinerary - view from Skywalk - village

Hallstatt salt mines

After you’ve sufficiently enjoyed the view, head out to salt mine. The town of Hallstatt is famous for salt mining and a visit down is definitely worth it. You will see the oldest salt mine which originated more than 7000 years ago. You will set off from the Skywalk viewpoint up, where after 15 minutes you will come across the entrance to the mine – Knappenhaus. From there you can go on a tour that you takes 90 minutes. It includes a 2 kilometer long underground route, which you complete on foot and end with a subway ride by train that will take you out. Think about the need to dress warmly in any season, in the mines it is temperature around 8°C.

Hallstatt itinerary - salt mine

The historic center of Hallstatt

After completing the tour, you will probably be hungry. You can eat in one of the restaurants in the city center. Then go for a walk, get to know the historical center of Hallstatt. The walk will take you approximately an hour, with views and photo opportunities city panoramas. The city center itself is very small, the road from the parking lot is on the outskirts city (P1) to the other end is 1.5 kilometers long. You can then visit the city for example, two churches or the Hallstatt Museum. In the summer you can sit on the shore of the lake.

Lake Hallstatt

As an afternoon plan, an easy exploration of Lake Hallstatt seems ideal. There are several routes around the lake suitable for walking with beautiful views. If you would wanted to see the water in the summer, you can take a boat ride. You can choose either from planned routes by sightseeing boat, or you can go on your own and rent pedal or electric boat . In the summer, you can also swim.

Hallstatt itinerary for 2 days

Salt Mine and Skywalk

The main sites of each visit are clear – the city, the Skywalk and the salt mine. During your two days visit in Hallstatt, we recommend going to the Skywalk on foot. On the way to you it will provide some great views and places to stop at. Of course it is it’s important to take the weather into account, if it’s going to rain or snow, you’d better take the cable car – at the top a cold salt mine tour awaits you!

Five Fingers

If you like views and are not afraid of heights, you must not miss platform Five Fingers. It is located above the village of Obertraun, only less than 7 kilometers from Hallstatt. A cable car will take you to the top, from where you will go on an approximately half-hour walking route to prospects. The path is easy, suitable even for children. At the end, a breathtaking spectacle awaits you in in the form of five platforms in the shape of a hand – hence the name Five fingers. Every platform is specific and each will offer you a unique view of Lake Hallstattersee below you and surrounding nature from a height of 400 meters.

Hallstatt lake

Lake Hallstatt offers an abundance of activities. One of them is bathing, which is possible at designated locations near coastal cities. Another option is to rent a boat or paddleboard. This gives you the opportunity to explore Hallstatt from a new perspective. If the weather will not be suitable for a trip to the water or you are spending a winter holiday here, you will get along along the lake. You can choose a walking route using the ferry and thus bypass a significant part of lake. Another option is to get on a bike and cycle around the lake.

One week Hallstatt itinerary – multi-day holiday in Hallstatt

If you are going to Hallstatt for a week vacation, you don’t have to worry about that there was nothing to do here. The surrounding nature offers countless activities – in winter it’s skiing or cross-country skiing, in the summer, hiking, cycling or via ferratas. We will not repeat the places mentioned above. Here you have a list of possibilities to use your free time in Hallstatt.

Summer Itinerary

There are many cycling routes around Lake Hallstatt. For example, you can go around around the entire lake or go to the mountains.

There are plenty of options for hiking here. Head to waterfalls in the mountains immediately outside the town of Hallstatt. If you move within a few kilometers of the remote town of Obertraun, in addition to the Krippenstein mountain with the Five fingers view you can also go to the opposite side, where the highest peak Hoher Sarstein awaits you. Here it is you will have views of the lake and the glaciers on the nearby Dachstein.

After more demanding hikes, relax by swimming in the lake. It makes you feel good in the summer will cool down. In addition to swimming, you can also rent a boat or paddleboard here.

Via ferratas
If you like more extreme sports and are looking for a via ferrata during your trips, you have itpossibility to include them in the itinerary. The nearest via ferrata is the Seewand Klettersteig, only a short distance way less than two kilometers from the city. Another one can be found near the Krippenstein mountain.

Winter Hallstatt itinerary


If you are a lover of winter fun on skis, go try eleven kilometer run in the Dachstein Krippenstein resort – the longest run in Austria. Outside you have the opportunity to ride on thirty kilometers of slopes. If you were looking for a bigger resort, drive to the Dachstein-Schladming area, less than an hour and a half away.

Cross country
Even cross-country skiers won’t come short. In the above-mentioned centers, modified ones are also waiting for you cross-country circuits. For interest, visit the Gjaidalm circuit on the Krippenstein mountain, which is although shorter, it is the highest cross-country circuit at a height of 1,738 m. Moreover in the vicinity of Hallstatt you will find up to 700 kilometers of cross-country trails.

Where to eat in Hallstatt

If you are very picky about food, the area around the lake offers you many options. You can find it here restaurants focused on all kinds of cuisines. Here you can see the best rated restaurants in the vicinity: overview of restaurants.

Where to stay

When traveling for several days, stay directly in the town of Hallstatt. That way you will have a perfect start to all activities in the area. Here you can see an overview of accommodation on site.

Practical information for your itinerary in Hallstatt

  • Where to buy tickets
  • You can buy tickets for the cable car and the salt mine in Hallstatt directly on the spot in the lower station cable cars. They can also be purchased online on the attractions’ official website. Online you can also buy ski passes to all ski areas in the vicinity.
  • Where to park
  • In Hallstatt you will find the main paid car parking lots P1-P4, which are open all year round. See parking Hallstatt
  • Public transport
  • If you are not traveling with your own car, or if you are afraid that the parking lots will be occupied, you can use public transport. Apart from the regular bus lines from nearby towns, you can also use the Ski bus in winter. It will take you to a nearby town Obertraun for free or to the nearest ski resorts.

Whether you’re planning to spend your vacation in Hallstatt or you’re just coming here to spice it up, you are at the right place. You should definitely visit places like the Skywalk or Five Fingers. These views are worth it even if you have already visited them in the past. Despite the fact that tourism in Hallstatt is still growing, this town still retains its authenticity and charm.