Hallstatt Waterfall – Experience amazing view

Hallstatt waterfall | What are the most beautiful waterfalls in the area?

Hallstatt is celebrated for its attractive village, beautiful lake, and various lovely lookout spots, but it is also the location of waterfalls. Just beyond the town is a path that takes roughly an hour to traverse through the valley to get to one of Hallstatt’s less known but still remarkable attractions.

If you want to get away from the crowds, we have the best option for you and that is Hallstatt waterfall. You can enjoy the magic of the Hallstatt waterfalls but also the breathtaking scenery.

  • What you should know before you visit the Hallstatt waterfalls
  • Schleierfall
  • Waldbachstrub waterfall (Lauterbach waterfall)
  • Something unusual about Waldbachstrub waterfall
  • How to get to the Schleierfall, Dürrenbach and Waldbachstrub Waterfalls 
  • About Mühlbach waterfall
  • How to get to the Mühlbach waterfall
  • Summary

What you should know before you visit the Hallstatt waterfall

The Hallstatt’s Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Austria. The waterfalls are in the Echerntal valley near Hallstatt.

You can visit these picturesque locations around late spring or summer, especially after the rainy season. The trail is open for all seasons but in case of high snow or ice the trail is closed. The trail is suitable for groups, schools, single travelers or for pets.

Schleierfall (Hallstatt)

The Schleierfall is scenic waterfall which has got 140 metres., it has a small farmhouse in the foreground. The source of the waterfall lies a little up at the Salzberg at an altitude of 1050 metres.

When you start your journey in Echerntal, there’s a parking area right there. Take the path to the left of the river and it follow the course of the river. The first bridge you come across, make sure to cross it and take the path that leads to the first big waterfall, the Schleierfall (it is only about a 15 minute).


  • Beautiful but I wish you could get closer
  • Magnificent waterfall, but you can’t get closer because you have to go through private territory

If you continue further, there is a hole in the mountain which has been known for a long time as “Eulenloch” (owl’s hole), although the reason for this name remains unknown. The age and purpose of the rock hole were unclear until recently, but a tunnel-like shape with two visible boreholes suggests mining activity. A passage from J. A. Schultes’ writings only mentions the owl hole as a quadrangular opening on the cliff, located on the path to the waterfall on Siegwanda

Hallstatt waterfall owls hole

Waldbachstrub falls Hallstatt

The route leads back to the Waldbach river and takes you to the two viewing points of the Waldbachstrub falls. Throughout the trail, you will be surrounded by dense trees and a flowing river beside you. At the end of the path, there are a few steps that lead to the final viewing platforms. As you cross the river and climb the stairs, you will see the Waldbachstrub waterfall. What makes the Waldbachstrub unique is that, in addition to the main waterfall, there are several other streams flowing out of the side walls. The waterfall can be viewed from two different angles, one from above and the other from below, providing excellent views from both perspectives.

You cannot see the total height of the Waldbachstrub waterfall. The lower part of the waterfall, which falls heavily, is 20 metres. The total height of this waterfall is approximately 80 metres. Discovery it on foot and enjoy the amazing landscape that Its pure water creates it as it permeates the dark rocks.

Something unusual about Waldbachstrub waterfall

The upper viewpoint has got three waterfalls. These waterfalls belong to the most beautiful waterfalls in Austria. What is really special is that three powerful waterfalls meet each other at one point. At left is the Waldbachstrub waterfall, in the middle is the Lauterbach waterfall and the right unofficial named The Klausalm waterfall. Also a lower viewpoint offers view on the Waldbachstrub waterfall and on the other waterfalls you shouldn’t miss.

Reviews of Waldbachstrub waterfall

  • Amazing place and nice hiking. The path we chose was bit difficult with climbing down the cliffy mountain, but there were ropes in the path so is doable but nothing close to a casual walk.
  • Free water falls are just the best. A fun hike from Hallstatt to be combined with a visit to the glacier garden. As originally rated by kaiser Franz Joseph, the surroundings are full of peasants. Yes, yes.
  • There’s a trail map there. The hike is about 30-40 minutes to the Waldbachstrub falls. They are BEAUTIFUL and well worth the effort!

Different ways to Hallstatt waterfall

If you like hiking, you can reach the waterfall on foot from Hallstatt in about an hour or an hour and a half. If you prefer less difficult hiking, you can drive to the car park at the beginning of Echerntal. There are several trails leading to the waterfall from this car park. The approximate walking time from the car park is 30 minutes.

If you follow the trail at the left side of the river, first you will see the Schleierfall over the river on your right side. Continue following the trail and you’ll see powerful Dürrenbach waterfall. You also can decide to make a short detour to the end of the valley where three waterfalls meet each other.

Mühlbach waterfall – Hallstatt

This waterfall is located on the Mühlbach river and that’s why many people named it  Mühlbach waterfall. This waterfall consists of several waterfalls and is located in Hallstatt in the Upper Austria region of Austria. You can’t miss this waterfall on the Mühlbach River when walking in Hallstatt or taking a boat trip around Hallstatt.

How to get to the Mühlbach waterfall – Hallstatt

This waterfall is on the Mühlbach river and that’s why many people named it  Mühlbach waterfall. This waterfall consists of several waterfalls and is directly above Hallstatt village. You can’t miss this waterfall on the Mühlbach River when walking in Hallstatt or taking a boat trip around Hallstatt. You can see it in front of the museum or from parking lot above the town. Even when you hike up to Rudolfsturm or Saltmine then you will not miss it on your way.

Reviews of Mühlbach waterfall

  • You need to climb a bit up hill and take some stairs to reach this waterfall. You can also see it from the town center. On a rainy day, the water gushes out adding more to the overall charm of Hallstatt
  • More stairs to climb but the views are stunning. You need to take the stairs to the car park first so you can see the map to then decide how far you want to climb. The view is amazing from the vantage points on the way

Considering all this Hallstatt waterfall possibilities

In conclusion Hallstatt Waterfall is the perfect destination for those seeking solitude in natural surroundings. The serene landscape and the sounds of cascading water will leave you mesmerized. For those who admire grand waterfalls and stunning vistas, Waldbachstrub waterfall, along with Schleierfall and Dürrenbach waterfall, are a must-visit. These waterfalls are among the most beautiful in all of Austria. Even if you are unable to hike during the winter months, a short stroll to the town’s waterfall, Mühlbach waterfall, is worth it. Alternatively, you could visit both these waterfalls for a memorable experience.