Hallstatt museum – explore the area in depth

Hallstatt museum

Hallstatt museum – it is truly the place that has a million things to offer. It has the most interesting history besides of the amazing nature around. So it is not surprising, you can find many museum and exhibitions in this area.

Hallstatt is part of a region called Salzkammergut. It is the area between the Austrian lakes such as Attersee, Wolfgangsee, Mondsee and many others. This region has many thing to offer to its visitors. People are coming here for the amazing clear bathing lake as well as the active vacation activities. There are hundreds of kilometers of hiking and biking trails. The nature is truly spectacular. Beside the lakes and mountain you can also find many ice caves in this area. It also has an interesting history a culture – it was even listed at UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the region of Hallstatt is a great history of salt mining. About this and all the other curiosities you can learn more in many museums you can visit. Here is the list of some museums not only in Hallstatt, but also in the surrounding places and towns divided by the location.


The World Heritage Hallstatt museum

This is the most significant museum at Hallstatt. It is located right in the center of the town and you can learn about the history of Hallstatt and people who lived there. Since the town was always build on the salt mining industry which started 7000 years ago, you can see the history of this place from there. The museum offers new technology how to explore the history, so you will enjoy the tour through them. You can expect video animations or 3D presentations through which you will find out more about Hallstatt. This museum is a great choice not only in the bad weather and you will enjoy it as well as your kids.

It has the history of the place. Good choice to visit.

An interesting museum about the history of Hallstatt, especially everything related to the so-called Bronze and Iron Age Hallstatt culture.

Archeological excavations in Hallstatt museum

Archeological excavations in Hallstatt museum

Directly opposite to the world heritage museum are the archeological excavations. It was discovered by a coincidence by the owner of the building. It lays in the cellar of the Janu Sport shop in the center of Hallstatt. The exhibition is really small. If you don’t have much time while you are at Hallstatt, it is the prefect opportunity to explore more about the history of this place.

  • Opening hours
    • All year 9:00 – 18:00

Hallstatt museum – Charnel Bone House in St. Michael’s Chapel

If you are looking for something really special, than you have to visit the charnel house in St. Michael’s Chapel. There is a collection of hundreds of human skulls, which are painted. Painting the skulls was part of a culture in this area mostly in 19th century. The Hallstatt skull collection is the largest one, but some other may be found in surrounding regions in Austria. If you decide to visit this spectacular place, you should also visit the Catholic parish church right next to the chapel and the old cemetery there.

Interesting place. It’s definitely worth going here, but it’s really just a very short stop. It’s right next to the church with an amazing view of Hallstatt, so it’s worth coming here. The entrance fee is €1.50. The small chapel can accommodate less than 10 people at a time (ideally 5-6)

  • Opening hours
    • winter 11:00 – 15:30
    • spring 10:00 – 17:00
    • summer 10:00 – 18:00
  • Price
    • adult 2€
    • children 0,50€

Museum & Curiosities Cabinet Hallstatt

This museum offers something different, than the others. You can find historical slot machines from the 16th to 20th centuries here. The collection has many different types of doll machines with amazing costumes. You can participate to s guided tour, where you will learn more about the exhibited specimens.

Museum & Curiosities Cabinet Hallstatt
  • Opening hours
    • All year – Thursday to Sunday 11:00 – 18:00

Salt mines – Hallstatt museum

Last but not least – this is the place you cannot miss at any chance. The salt mines which are 7000 years old and still working are kind of a heart to this place. Salt mining industry is what makes this region and Hallstatt what it is. You can learn more about the salt mines in Hallstatt in article devoted exclusively to it.

  • Opening hours and prices – HERE

Among the museums and exhibitions in Hallstatt, it is needed to mention, that the whole town is kind of a historical artifact. The town has mostly historical building, venues and squares so when you are walking through the center, you will feel like you are in different time period. Worth the visit are also the two churches in the town – Catholic and Evangelic.


Cave Museum

If you rather visit some real historical place than a typical museum with information, you should go to the Dachstein Ice Cave world in Obertraun. It is not right in the Obertraun town – the location of this museum is little but unusual. You can find it in mountains, at the middle station of the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car, at the 1350 meters above sea level. When you come “into” to mountain, there are many caves waiting for you such as Ice cave or Mammoth cave.

Museum Hallstatt - Ice cave world Obertraun
Dachstein Ice Cave World in Obertraun

The cave is massive! Kudos to the tour guide giving the tour inside the cave – extremely knowledgeable and well spoken! It’s very cold inside, a warm jacket is a must.

  • Opening hours


Outdoor Museum

Another speciality is an open-air museum located in the Gosau Valley. Gosau lies across the Plassen mountain from Hallstatt. This town is a big valley with many small lakes on the southern side. When you are visiting the lakes, this museum is near them and definitely worth your visit too. It consists of a several old houses, barn and a pond. It is situated right next to a children amusement park Urzeitwald, which offers you great opportunity to combine these two visits.

Bad Goisern

The Anzenau Open-Air Museum (mill)

Another amazing option how to get to know local history and culture is the old mill in Bad Goisern. The mill was used until the 1960 and the interiors are preserved. The atmosphere of old times will breathe on you in this building. It is a typical farm mill from this region with an old bakery where the bread is sometimes still baked for the visitors.

  • Opening hours
    • 15th of June to 15th of September – Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 – 12:00
  • Price
    • adults 5€
    • children 2,50€

Hallstatt – region full of museums

There are many more museums and exhibitions in Hallstatt area you can visit. This place seems to have an inexhaustible options. The towns Gosau and Bad Goisern have interesting museum worth the visit such as The Landler museum, The Lumbering museum or Stone and fossil exhibitions. You will definitely won’t have a problem to make a program for example for rainy days.