Hallstatt mountains

Mountains around town Hallstatt offering incredible views of amazing nature. The mountainous landscape of Hallstatt is one of the most sought-after destinations for lovers of the Alps. This is mainly because Alpine nature has created something unique with an indescribable atmosphere here. You haven’t been there yet?

What mountain range is Hallstatt in?

The town of Hallstatt is in the Austrian state of Upper Austria. The town lies between the south-western shore of the lake of the same name and the steep slopes of the Dachstein massif. The highest mountain of Dachstein is Hoher Dachstein (2995 m.). 

This whole massif is located in the Salzkammergut region, on the state road connecting Salzburg and Graz. Hallstatt is at the heart of the Hallstatt-Dachstein/Salzkammergut cultural landscape, which has been declared one of Austria’s World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Do the mountains near Hallstatt have anything to offer?

Absolutely. This area is great for active sporty people. Probably the most beautiful places in the world to relax while hiking or skiing are the alpine pastures, romantic mountain huts or ski resorts around Lake Hallstatt. Alpine life is a cultural part of the inhabitants of Hallstatt and an attraction for tourists. No matter the season, the mountains still have something to offer. 

Hallstatt mountains

Let’s take a look at a brief selection of what the mountains around Hallstatt have to offer.

Dachstein – Hallstatt Mountain in summer 

Hiking, cycling, climbing and paragliding enthusiasts will enjoy their summer holidays in the Dachstein region. There is a wide spectrum of activities and beautiful nature that attracts tourists from all over the world. Most visitors, on the other hand, only discover the most famous attractions by cable car, so you just need to get up or set off on your own and enjoy the peace and calm of nature.

Hallstatt mountains

Hiking in the Hallstatt mountains

You can choose between light hiking or alpine hiking, where it is necessary to be physically prepared. The most beautiful trails with great views are at the mountain huts, which are scattered variously across the massif.

Dachstein Nature Trail Simony hutte

Simonyhütte – the one with the most beautiful views.

Simonyhütte is in a picturesque setting at the foothills of the Dachstein, with a beautiful view, at an altitude of 2,203 m. The Simonyhütte hut, which has been situated for 135 years here, counts among the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


We also recommend visiting the Skywalk and 5 fingers viewpoints.

These are less difficult trails, where it is also possible to use the cable car. Skywalk is a glass-bottomed lookout right on the glacier – nothing for the dizzy! But for those who don’t suffer from it, you can see the stunning peaks of the Dachstein massif in all their beauty. From the other side of the mountains, you can enjoy the view from the 5 fingers lookout towards Lake Hallstatt.

Bicycle trip to the mountains

Hallstatt and its mountainous surroundings offer several options for cycling depending on the level of difficulty. If you love cycling or hiking in mountainous areas, we recommend a panoramic tour through Bad Aussee. 

Check out the route! 

If you like to enjoy the mountains in the background, you can try the route around Hallstatt Lake.

Over the Hallstatt Mountains

Adrenaline enthusiasts will also find something to do here. Dachstein Krippenstein is one of the most attractive paragliding areas in the Alps. It is popular due to the altitude difference of more than 1,500 m between the take-off and landing point. The flight includes beautiful panoramic experiences where you will be able to observe the Hallstatt Mountains below you. 

It is also home to a world-renowned safety training centre for paragliders, operated by the Sky Club Austria flight school. As a special attraction, this company offers tandem flights from Krippenstein. Tandem flight is a wonderful and breathtaking experience that everyone can enjoy.

Schneidkogel (1552 m) with Lake Hallstatt view

Slightly demanding trail from Hallstatt to the top of the Schneidkogel mountain. At 6 km, you climb about 1,000 meters. But the view down to the lake, the city of Hallstatt is amazing.

Schneidkogel 1551m - Hallstatt moutains
Schneidkogel: A Guide to Hiking and Adventure

Plassen Plassen (1953 m) – demanding trail

From the center of Hallstatt to the top of Plassen. A path of many perspectives. The first two kilometers lead uphill in the forest to the Rudolfsturm and the Skywalk. You’ll meet a few people along the way, because most people take the cable car up. The lookout will then be full of tourists. But you will go around on the way past the salt mines and then you will be on the road most of the day alone. The entire route is about 7 km with an elevation gain of 1300+ meters.

Plassen (1953m) - mountains around Hallstatt
Plassen (1953m): A Hiking Adventure with views

Dachstein – Hallstatt Mountains in winter 

Thanks to Hallstatt’s location, you can choose from several options for skiing. With the Dachtein West ski pass you have access to several resorts in the area and can book online

The entire resort of Dachstein West is spread over three main locations and also includes the boarding stations Gosau, Russbach and Annaberg. There are mostly blue and red gentle slopes throughout the resort, but the more adventurous skier can venture onto the black Wilde Hilde slope with a 67% gradient.

Alpine ski tour 

Ski alpinist lovers will not be disappointed here either. The Dachstein West resort also offers this option. The use of the trails is free for standard ski pass holders. For others, there is a fee, but no less admission to the trails can – you can subscribe online. The route called Atomic Backland is approximately one and a half hours long and open to the public during the opening hours of the centre in Russbach.

Doesn’t that sound very exciting? We agree. Are you planning a trip to Hallstatt, check our Hallstatt Itinerary and find more things to do.