Luxury hotels in Hallstatt


Luxury hotels that you will find in Hallstatt – Looking for where to spend your next holiday? You don’t have to search anymore. 

We offer you tips for accommodation in the best Austrian-style hotels. You can stay in Hallstatt and discover the most beautiful city in the world on the shores of a lake. The view of the lake, surrounded by mountains and beautiful nature is truly dreamy and beautiful in every season.

You can see Hallstatt within a few hours of a short visit. However, for a better experience, we recommend staying at least one night in Hallstatt. The evening itself has its own romantic charm. Many of us also dream of having a delicious breakfast overlooking the beautiful Hallstatt countryside. 

Still wondering why you shouldn’t allow yourself this luxury?

Hallstatt is known for its high standards in the hotel industry. Still, there are a few hotel highlights among this standard that are worth mentioning. If you’re dreaming of relaxation, unique service, great views, superior accommodation then these places do not longer overlook them. 

Best places to stay in Hallstatt

1. Hallstatt – Hideaway 

If you are looking for relaxation with a great view, this is the place. The location of the accommodation is completely unique. You are close to all the happenings in the old town of Hallstatt and at the same time you are in perfect connection with nature.

Combination of tradition and modern design

The hotel is situated in a historic building. It has been thoughtfully restored by architects to meet modernity but retain the original atmosphere of the building.

Connected with nature

Hotel Hideaway is located directly on the shores of Lake Hallstatt. Among other things, the hotel offers a private garden, which guests can use to relax. However, it is also possible to take a boat ride from the shore or just go for a swim.

Luxury hotels in Hallstatt
  • Views from our rooms were incredible. Individually decorated rooms with terraces, modern furnishings, and comfortable beds. Sandra was a wonderful host!! Loved the private garden on the lake. Renting a boat on the lake is a must. Hope to return to Hallstatt again.
  • We loved our stay here, and have never felt more special as hotel guests! The staff here truly goes above and beyond. Such a lovely and spacious room in a beautiful place. Great breakfast and the dyson hairdryer were great added bonuses. Highly recommend!!


  • breath-taking view from every room 
  • terrace and hot tube are part of every room 
  • direct access to the private sauna
  • private garden 
  • possibility of the breakfast in bed 
  • fireplace (seen from bed) 

Location: You will find Hallstatt Hideaway in the centre of Hallstatt in the middle of the Salzkammergut.

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2. Heritage hotel – Luxury hotels in Hallstatt

Another hotel that will give you a unique Hallstatt atmosphere and treat you to luxury and comfort. The Heritage Hotel Hallstatt on the picturesque shores of Lake Hallstatt comprises three listed buildings, each with a rich history.

By staying at this hotel you become part of the history of the local town. The Stocker House, one of the three houses of the Heritage Hotel, is the oldest building in Hallstatt. Heritage Hotel Hallstatt is part of the European Castles & Historic Hotels alliance, whose members manage traditional and historic estates in nine European countries.

Despite the historical context, the rooms are very modern.

Location: You can choose accommodation in one of three buildings. 

Kainz house – The main building of the hotel is located in the historic centre under the Catholic and opposite the Evangelical church.

You will find here the reception, our restaurant “Im Kainz” and the Heritage Sauna.

Stocker house is a 3-minute walk from the main building. 

Seethalter house is situated on the hillside of what the locals call Hallberg and offers a beautiful view of Hallstatt Lake.

  • hotel in a room with a privileged view of the lake, the room was large, clean and the bathroom was spacious. The breakfast was very varied and complete, with fruits, a variety of cheeses and breads. The hotel has a sauna that you can book for 1 hour and we really enjoyed it. Excellent place to relax in Hallstatt.
  • Really nice place, great staff. The restaurant was exceptional. Get the liver dumpling soup. Free breakfast with room, so so good, so many choices. Our waiter Rudolf was super! Ivan the manager, so nice and very helpful. Ask his advice.


  • sauna
  • restaurant with traditional specialities 
  • dog friendly accommodation 
  • deluxe rooms have wooden balcony 
  • you will feel like a local here

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3. Boutique hotel Strand Hallstatt – Luxury hotels in Hallstatt

Luxury hotels in Hallstatt
Hotel with a long family tradition – thanks to the family tradition you’ll feel like at home here.  And moreover, if you are a nature lover and do not search for busy destinations, then this hotel is just for you. 

Small but smart 

The hotel seems to be peaceful at first sight. This calmness is ensured by the fact that the accommodation consists of only 10 rooms. You’ll be sharing the excellent view and nature almost alone, not in a crowded hotel.


Silence, nature and family atmosphere, this hotel is a small miracle on earth, where you will feel that worries do not exist. You don’t even have to stress about parking here – a rarity in Hallstatt. And breakfast will be delivered to your bed. In reality it is even better.

Location: You will find this hotel less than a kilometre from the historic centre. 

  • The location of the hotel is truly unique. There is a garden right by the lake. From here you can easily go into the water. Beautiful view of the lake from the terrace of the room. Breakfast is delivered to each guest’s room. So you can already enjoy the wonderful view in the morning. I can really recommend the hotel.
  • Quite pricy, but it is worth every cent. It only consists of 10 rooms. The rooms are all huge and facing the best view of the lake. The hotel is located 2 mins from the start of the touristy street, which makes it quiet but convenient at the same time Staff are very friendly and helpful Just staying in the room, chilling out at the balcony is one of the best part of my Austria trip.


  • incredible (private) view
  • parking 
  • breakfast in the room or on the balcony
  • own lake access
  • family atmosphere

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4. Historic Lakeview apartments Hallstatt

Do you desire genuineness, nature, and serenity? At the same time, are you content in the middle of town? With three Lakeview apartments, you can have the best of both worlds! Recently, a family that had been living in the house for an extended period of time sold it to a young couple who are pleased to share it with you. Since driving is not allowed in the old Hallstatt centre, you can stay directly on the Seestrasse or directly over the lake and experience tranquillity.

Three apartments with a view of the lake

You can find an apartment with a view of the lake on each floor! Historic Gwandnergang (covered balcony) in duplex apartment, including studio with bedroom, bathroom and living room window and balcony overlooking the lake. The lake view apartment gives you the opportunity to see the lake from the living room and bedroom.

Located just a half a kilometer from the museum and 700 meters from the funicular station that goes up to the salt mine, Lakeview Apartments offers comfortable lodgings with complimentary WiFi and a living area. Each apartment has a balcony boasting an outlook of the lake.

  • We loved the studio room. Its very spacious, not far from the parking. There is a kettle, tea selection and a small coffee machine with capsules. Sandra was very kind, she picked us up with her car because it was raining.
  • I was very skeptical about staying at an apartment for my vacation and this place proved me wrong. As soon as we walked in the view just took my breath away. My mind and soul came into sync with each other and I started feeling what peace of mind feels like. Amazing location, cordial staff and 2 minutes walk to the city center. Highly recommend.

Hallstatt Lakeview Apartments
Seestrasse 85
4830 Hallstatt
+43 699 104 830 24

Can’t decide which luxury hotel in Hallstatt?

You don’t have to worry. Hallstatt in Austria is renowned as a village with a rich hospitality industry. Wherever you stay, I am sure you will be happy, especially thanks to the friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

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The best places to stay in Hallstatt Austria