Simonyhütte is an Alpine club hut belonging to the Austrian Alpine Club. Located on a hill below the majestic Hallstatt Glacier at the foot of the Hoher Dachstein in Styria, Simonyhütte (2,203 m) has been welcoming guests since 1877. This enchanting lodge is situated in the UNESCO World Heritage area of Hallstatt-Dachstein/Salzkammergut, right in the heart of the northern massif of the Dachstein.

The location of the hut was carefully chosen by the geographer, high mountain researcher, and Dachstein pioneer, Friedrich Simony. As a result, guests can enjoy an unforgettable glimpse of the impressive Dachstein rising up to the Enns valley in the south. Moreover, the hut belongs to Austrian Alpine Club – The Alpenverein Austria, which offers various benefits and services for its members.

Simonyhütte is a heaven for adventure enthusiasts, including rock climbers, hikers, ski alpinists, and snowshoe hikers. It also serves as an excellent training center for those seeking to expand their rock and ice climbing skills. Adjacent to the shelter is the Dachstein Chapel, which is considered the highest church in the Northern Limestone Alps.

Mark your calendars: from May 22, 2023, until October 1, 2023, Simonyhütte is open and ready to welcome you!

Where is Simonyhütte

Discover the quickest and most scenic way to the charming Simonyhütte hut – nestled in the magnificent Dachstein massif. Take the Dachstein-Krippensteinbahn from Obertraun on the southeastern shore of Lake Hallstatt and ascend to 1,788 m. From the top station, traverse towards Gjaidalm, turn left towards the Oberfeld barracks, and then follow road no. 615 until you reach a sign pointing a sign posting towards road no. 657 and the Simonyhütte hut. As you make your way to the hut, you’ll be accompanied by stunning peaks such as Ochsenkogel, Hoher Trog, Taubenkogel, Taubenriedel, Wildkarkogel, and two Gjaidstein peaks. This climb is a beautiful and rewarding ski hike in winter.

However, if you prefer a more leisurely pace, you have other options to reach the hut. For instance, you can take the Dachstein-Krippenstein cable car from Obertraun to Krippenstein station (1,788 m) and hike for about 3 hours on trail no. 615 and 657. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for a longer hike, you can choose to hike from Hallstatt (511 m) on trail no. 601, which takes you past Tropfwand, Tiergartenhütte, and Wiesberghaus for about 5-6 hours. During winter, you can ski from Krippenstein station to the hut.

Simonyhütte prices and availability

The prices and availability of Simonyhütte depend on the season, the room type, and the membership status of the Austrian Alpine Club. The Alpenverein Austria will also raise its prices for overnight stays from January 1st, 2023. Tenants of the hut have no influence on this, this is solely a matter for Alpenverein Austria. Some of the prices per person and night are:

  • Bed in a room: from 25 euros for members, from 37 euros for non-members
  • Sleeping place in a dormitory: from 15 euros for members, from 27 euros for non-members
  • Breakfast buffet: 16 euros
  • Half board: 39 euros
  • Bergsteigeressen (mountaineer meal): 9 euros for members, 13 euros for non-members

Prices and additional costs

members AVshared2 bedscamp
Adults (25 yrs and older)25,00 €36,00 €15,00 €
Juniors (18yrs to 24.99yrs)25,00 €36,00 €12,00 €
Children (6yrs to 17.99yrs) 13,00 €17,00 €7,00 €
Děti (0 to 5.99yrs) 8,00 €10,00 €0,00 €
NO AV – membersshared2 bedscamp
Adults (25 yrs and older)37,00 €48,00 €27,00 €
Juniors (18yrs to 24.99yrs)37,00 €48,00 €24,00 €
Children (6yrs to 17.99yrs) 25,00 €29,00 €19,00 €
Děti (0 to 5.99yrs) 20,00 €22,00 €12,00 €
Additional costs and additional servicesPrice
Half board (buffet breakfast, dinner including a second helping if you want – 3 courses, 1 liter of marching tea or ski water, marching bread) Exclusive overnight stay39,00 €
Breakfast buffet, including 1l of tea16,00 €
Mountaineering meal* (only with AV ID, no second dose, vegetarian), for non-members the price is 13 euros (no second dose, vegetarian)9,00 €
Climbing drink* 0.5l (only with AV ID, other drinks see drink list)2,70 €
Shower (3 minutes hot water)5,00 €
Surcharge for heating (only from December to April)3,00 €
1 liter of tea water3,00 €
Tourist fee (from 15 years), per person per day3,00 €
hut sleeping bag14,00 €

*valid only upon presentation of a valid AV ID card! Apply for AV ID

You can check the current availability and make a reservation online or by phone at +43 680 2196374. You can also send an email to The hut is open from late May to early October and from late December to early April.

Additional information about prices and stay

Overnight stay with dogs is not possible!

To reserve a sleeping space for the night, you need to pay a deposit of €10 per night. The deposit will be secured by credit card and will only be used to cover cancellation fees in case you cancel or don’t show up. Otherwise, the deposit will be refunded or deducted from your bill.

However, please note that sleeping bags are compulsory in AV huts!

Moreover, there is no obligation to have half-board, but in the evening, for organizational reasons, you can only choose from mountaineering meals, half-board, evening menu, or main course of half-board. You can also buy pastries if they are still available in the evening.

Simonyhütte Amenities for visitors

Simonyhütte is a mountain hut that belongs to the Austrian Alpine Club and offers various amenities for its guests. Some of them are:

  • Family-friendly AV-Hütte
  • 42 beds and 94 sleeping places in rooms and dormitories with blankets and pillows (sleeping bag required)
  • A restaurant that serves breakfast buffet, half board, or mountaineer meal (with AV card discount)
  • A seminar room that can be used for courses and lectures
  • A chapel that can be used for weddings or other ceremonies
  • An artificial climbing facility that can be used for training or fun
  • A WiFi connection that can be used for free
  • A solar power system that provides electricity and hot water/shower
  • mobile phone reception
  • Credit card/EC card is accepted
  • A drying room and a shoe room
  • A shop that sells snacks, drinks, souvenirs, and maps
  • A library that contains books and magazines about the Dachstein region
  • A first aid kit and an emergency phone

Simonyhütte is a popular destination for mountaineers, climbers, hikers, ski mountaineers and snowshoe hikers who want to explore the Dachstein massif and its glaciers. It is also an education center for courses and seminars in rock and ice climbing. The hut offers 42 beds and 94 sleeping places in rooms and dormitories, as well as a restaurant, a seminar room, a chapel, and a artificial climbing facility.


Simonyhütte is a mountain hut that has received mostly positive reviews from its guests on Google or Tripadvisor. Some of the common themes in the reviews are:

  • The hut is located in a stunning scenery, with views of the Dachstein massif and the Hallstätter Glacier.
  • The hut is well-equipped and comfortable, with modern facilities such as WiFi, solar power, and hot water.
  • The food is delicious and plentiful, with options for breakfast buffet, half board, or mountaineer meal.
  • The staff is friendly and helpful, and can provide information and guidance about the routes and the region.
  • The hut is a great base for hiking, climbing, skiing, or snowshoeing in the Dachstein area.

However, some of the negative aspects or challenges mentioned in the reviews are:

  • The hut can be very crowded and noisy during peak season or weekends12.
  • The hut can be affected by changing weather conditions or glacier movements, which can alter the routes or the availability of water.
  • The hut requires sleeping bags for the beds and dormitories, which some guests may not hav or like
  • The hut has limited options for dinner, which some guests may find restrictive or expensive.

Overall, Simonyhütte has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google based on 216 reviews, and a rating of 4 out of 5 on Tripadvisor based on 5 reviews.

Review examples

This is not just a restaurant but a mountain hut in a great location. We stayed here for 3 nights on a snowshoe holiday. The group had a great time thanks to the stunning weather and great accommodation. The food was at its best in the mountains. Rich, filling and very tasty. Just what you need after a hard day in the mountains in winter. Worth a visit.

Cozy accommodation with pleasant service and it is possible to pay by card. And if the weather works out for you, as it did for us, there really is nothing wrong with it… and beautiful views

Simonyhütte to Hoher Dachstein routes

There are several routes from Simonyhütte to Hoher Dachstein, the highest peak of the Dachstein massif. One of the most common and easiest routes is the Randkluftsteig (normal route), which follows these steps:

  • From Simonyhütte (2,205 m), hike across the Hallstätter Glacier, which slopes up to 30 degrees or more, until you reach the Randkluft (the gap between the glacier and the rock wall) at about 2,700 m.
  • Climb up the Randkluftsteig, a via ferrata with difficulty B, which leads along the rock wall and then crosses a snow ridge to the summit cross at 2,996 m.
  • Enjoy the panoramic views of the Dachstein plateau, the surrounding glaciers, and the Alps in all directions.
  • Descend along the same route or take an alternative route such as the Westgrat (west ridge) or the Schulteranstieg (shoulder ascent).

The Randkluftsteig route is classified as low difficulty (WS – PD) according to the Swiss alpine touring scale. It requires good physical condition, glacier and via ferrata equipment, and alpine experience. The route can be very crowded in good weather, so it is advisable to start early and avoid congestion at the via ferrata. The route can also vary depending on the glacier conditions and the snow cover12.

Randkluftsteig route duration

The duration of the Randkluftsteig route from Simonyhütte to Hoher Dachstein depends on several factors, such as the glacier conditions, the weather, the traffic, and the physical condition of the climbers. According to outdooractive, the average duration of the route is:

  • From Simonyhütte to the entrance of the via ferrata: about 2 hours
  • From the entrance of the via ferrata to the summit: about 45 minutes
  • From the summit to Simonyhütte: about 3 hours

The total duration of the round trip is about 6-7 hours. However, this can vary significantly depending on the circumstances and the pace of the climbers. Therefore, it is advisable to start early, check the weather forecast, and plan enough time for breaks and contingencies.

When you are trying to reach Simonyhütte easier way, then take the Dachstein-Krippenstein cable car from Obertraun to Krippenstein station (1,788 m) and then hike for about 3 hours on trail no. 615 and 657. Alternatively, you can hike from Hallstatt (511 m) on trail no. 601 passing by Tropfwand, Tiergartenhütte and Wiesberghaus for about 5-6 hours. In winter, you can ski from Krippenstein station to the hut.

Simonyhütte summer opening times 2023

From 22.5.2023 – 1.10.2023 the hut is open for you!!

Simonyhütte (ÖAV – Sektion Austria)
Christoph Mitterer
Lahn 48
4830 Hallstatt
Tel: +43 680 – 219 637 4

Simonyhütte in winter

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