My day at Dachstein Krippenstein

Dachstein Krippenstein

We had an awesome time skiing with our kids on the 11km(6miles) valley run at Dachstein Krippenstein. It was a remarkable experience right next to Hallstatt. Skiing is a great way to enjoy the winter season and with so many choices of ski resorts and slopes, it can be hard to decide where to go. We stayed in Bad Aussee for a week and thought of trying some skiing close to the town.

We were looking for a thrilling skiing experience on a sunny day and Dachstein Krippenstein seemed like the perfect spot for us! Our son wanted to give a shot to a lengthy run. While this isn’t a large ski resort, Krippenstein has the longest run in Austria – from top to bottom over 6 miles (11km). After a day there I can say – this long route is an absolute must for any skier or snowboarder.

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Dachstein Krippenstein skipass tickets

Prior to our planned skiing, we purchased a family ticket for 2 adults and 2 children at a cost of 136.60 Euros by making an online transaction the previous evening. We managed to save 8 Eur as compared to the price at the checkout. However, we had to deposit these 8 Euros for the ski pass, which was returned to us after completion of the skiing day. If you wish to know about the ticket prices for an individual, family or 1+1, you can refer to the following link for details on Dachstein’s ticket pricing.

Dachstein Krippenstein free parking

We reached the slope early in the morning to start skiing as soon as possible. Though the first cable car started at 8.30, we reached a bit late by 9.00 am. The parking lot near the cable car was half-empty and free of cost. Despite the forecast of sunny weather with a temperature around -2 degrees all day, the number of people was quite limited. As it was a weekday, Tuesday to be precise, there were only a few people in the mountains.

Dachstein Krippenstein cable car – gondola

Initially, we obtained tickets from the ticket office located beside the Dachsteinbahn building and proceeded to the gondola. This mode of transportation operates every quarter of an hour and has the capacity to transport up to 60 individuals who may be skiers, snowboarders, or snow shoe hikers. As previously mentioned, we acquired our tickets from the ticket office and queued up at approximately 8:55 am. After some time, the gondola became almost full, consisting of 50 individuals.

It then commenced, offering us picturesque views of the neighboring mountains and valley. Approximately 5-6 minutes later, we reached the midpoint of the Dachsteinbahn Mittelstation Schonbergbahn. And transitioned to a comparable gondola that took us to the peak of Krippenstein, situated at an elevation of 2100m. In no time, the 50 individuals had departed, leaving us effectively alone at the summit.

Dachstein Krippenstein top

When we look around, we can see a large sign that says “Dachstein” right away. On the left side, there is a restaurant, and in front of us, there is a lodge with a restaurant. On the right, we can see the Welterbespirale, and at the same time, there is a beautiful yellow cable car that connects this climb and the third one under Gjaidalm. No information has been omitted in this paraphrased text.

Dachstein Krippenstein yellow gondola

Dachstein Krippenstein ski map

First, we checked that the boots and skis were on and then looked at the map of the ski area. The main transportation facility of the area is a cable car – gondola. For ordinary skiers, who are mostly a minority here, the 4-seater with a blue slope below the peak is also interesting. In addition to the undemanding terrain, there is a fantastic view of the glacier. The main eleven kilometer red-blue crossing route to the valley town of Obertraun is our primary point of interest. For many others, the main attraction of the entire resort is the Freesports Arena Dachstein Krippenstein.

Dachstein Krippenstein ski map winter

Freeride arena

The Freesports Arena Dachstein Krippenstein has been recognized as a popular destination for the freerider community by SnowPlanet magazine. Apart from the skiing and cliff drops, the Krippenstein also boasts an exciting program of outdoor events, which is distinct from the mainstream. With its 30 kilometers of off-piste options and the guaranteed snowfall of the Dachstein glacier area, the appetite for powder snow and wide boards is aroused.

The Freesports Arena Dachstein Krippenstein and the Dachstein Plateau offer a range of skiing and snowboarding options that cater to the preferences of every powder snow lover. Schönberg, Imisl, and Eisgrube provide challenging ridges, diverse slopes, and forest routes that require fitness and focus, with each ride demanding a 1500-meter altitude.

Our expectations?

Our expectation was to go down the long slope a few times, but we also tried the short blue slopes right at the top. There is a shorter one with a poma and a longer one with a four-seater.

Once we had completed a few runs in the upper area, we felt prepared to descend all the way to the valley. As we began our descent down the slope, we came across a sign indicating a fork in the path towards the Gjaid station, which would lead us back up to the top station at Bergstation Krippenstein. During our first and second runs, we skied down the slope and ascended back up again. However, on our third run, we decided to take the beautiful yellow gondola towards our destination.

Facts about the longest slope in Austria

❄️Level of difficulty: red/blue ski run ❄️Length of the ski run: 11 000 m ❄️Altitude difference: 1440 m ❄️ Average gradient: 13% ❄️elevetion at the top 2100m

The Breathtaking Views

Restaurant at the top – Dachstein Krippenstein

After we had a great time skiing, we got a taste for dessert, coffee. Parents had an Aperol spritz, coffee and kids enjoyed apple strudel. We sat in the prime of the sun and enjoyed the views of the surroundings.

Bergrestaurant Dachstein Krippenstein

  • Very nice service and good Hallstatt beer by AT standards
  • Perfect stop for skiing and free riding. Great view with good visibility.

Dachstein Krippenstein webcams

Snowboarding at Dachstein Krippenstein

Since the boys went down all the slopes several times and we still had some time until the last cable car at 4pm. They wanted to try snowboarding. Both of them were the first time to stand on it, and for that the upper blue slope was perfect. And it was possible to watch them directly from the terrace of the restaurant.

Other activities

As not all the people come here to ski or snowboard, so there are some other activities to do around. You can buy Yeti ticket and go snowshoeing to Fiver fingers or to the Dachstein shark. At the beginning the path is very wide, later it becomes rather narrow, so it is not always possible to walk next to a child. Touring without snowshoes is not really good idea. Some very steep sections, so ski poles can be good to have. With a little time and if the wind isn’t too strong, this is easily doable for children from primary school age. You have to go at least once in your life.

During our skiing, we witnessed numerous athletes climbing the slope in the Ski Alps. It looked like they were enjoying the sunny weather as much as we were. However, I couldn’t help but wonder if these athletes managed to climb the 6 mile hill once or even more than once. Their sporting performance was truly impressive. We saw a lot of athletes climbing the slope on skialps, they were certainly enjoying the sunny day too.

Dachstein Krippenstein info and reviews

Alpine area accessible by cable car, popular for winter sports, hiking, mountaineering & caving.

Address: Winkl 34, 4831 Obertraun, Austria

  • Most awesome experience of walking on snow with snow shoes…… fantastic view of the surrounding hills. Cable car service was efficient.
  • A quiet resort with good access.
  • An amazing place for hiking and skiing.
  • Great for deep snow skiing. Many options and okay prices
  • Super panorama, super long (11km) ski slope.

Our conclusion – Dachstein West Krippenstein

This is a great skiing area – excellent place to spend the day if you’re in Hallstatt. While this isn’t a large ski resort, they have the longest run in Austria. From top to bottom over 6 miles (11km). This run varied from the beginner to advanced on the way down. On site there is a great little rental area to get skis and snowboards with a very friendly staff. The restaurant on top has the most amazing views and really good food as well. This is the same place you find the Five Fingers area where you can get excellent views of the surrounding Alps and Hallstatt lake. I’m sure this place is amazing for hiking and biking in the summer as well!

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