Paragliding Krippenstein – lovely experience

paragliding Krippenstein

Paragliding Krippenstein has a lot to offer. Do you love beautiful panoramas and adrenaline in your veins? If so, the Dachstein Salzkammergut region, more precisely Dachstein Krippenstein, is the ideal place for you. Krippenstein is ideal not only for paragliders but also for tandem flights. The Krippenstein is one of the most impressive flying areas and this is mainly due to the altitude difference of more than 1,500 metres between take-off and landing.

  • What are you definitely looking forward to during the flight?
  • How to get to Krippenstein paragliding?
  • Important cable car information
  • How to start paragliding on Krippenstein?
  • About Sky Club Austria
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  • Equipment for paragliding on Krippenstein
  • Paragliding on Krippenstein and its landing area
  • So what is actually waiting for you and what will not pass?

What are you definitely looking forward to during the flight?

A majestic view of the Dachstein glacier, the beautiful Hallstatt Lake. and the small but photogenic town of Hallstatt itself. Right after take-off you pass the 5 fingers viewpoint. and if you are not afraid you can even wave to the tourists at the viewpoint. If the weather permits and there is enough wind, you can fly over Grub Castle. It all depends on the wind and the weather. Either way, what we guarantee is an unforgettable experience, either at the event itself or at the panorama that awaits you.

How to get to Krippenstein paragliding?

We start from the valley station of the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car. If you have more free time, the Mammuthöhle and Eishöhle caves and the museum at the first station, Schönbergalm, are definitely worth a visit. We continued on and changed to the second cable car, which continued to the Krippenstein station. Not only is the cable car ride itself exciting, but the surroundings it offers you are beyond description. The cable car ends at the third and final station, Gjaidalm. We recommend you to go there if you have time for a breathtaking panorama. But for us the journey ended at the second station. Then we walked for 20 minutes, towards the 5 fingers viewing platform, where the paragliding start point is located.

Important cable car information

The cable car starts at 8:40 every 15 minutes. The last run of the cable car varies either by sector or date.
For section 1 – Schönbergalm
The last cable car descent is from 29.4.-30.6. and from 11.9.-5.11. it is at 17:10 and from 1.7.-10.9. it is at 19:10.
For section 2 – Krippenstein
The last cable car ride is from 29.4. – 30.6. and from 11.9. – 5.11. at 17:00 and from 1.7. – 10.9. at 19:00.
For section 3 – Gjaid
The last cable car descent is closed from 29.4. – 7.6., from 8.6. – 30.6. and from 11.9. – 5.11. it is at 16:50 and from 1.7. – 10.9. it is at 18:50.
A basic ticket for an adult costs 38.90 euros, for a youth 35 euros, for a child 21.40 euros and for a senior 36.20 euros. Prices online and those purchased on site vary, and you can also choose from more ticket options. We recommend looking at the current lift times and tickets on the link:

How to start paragliding on Krippenstein?

In order to paraglide on Dachstein Krippenstein, you must first register as a guest pilot with the Sky Club Austria flight school and purchase a day or annual pass. Membership includes use of the take-off and landing areas in the Dachstein Flypark.

About Sky Club Austria

Sky Club Austria is a safety training centre for paragliders. As a special attraction, it offers tandem flights from Krippenstein. The tandem flight is a tremendous and above all unforgettable experience. The tandem flight is suitable from 30 kg to 100 kg.
Contact and booking of Sky Club Austria
Flight School Sky Club Austria
Tel: +43 699 12 33 22 11


The flight school offers basic courses and high altitude courses.  Courses are weekly and training flights can also be completed daily under the supervision of the flight school, so it’s no problem to sign up for paragliding courses, especially if you love strong wind in your hair. Tandem flights can also be booked through the flight school. As a passenger, you’ll then fly with an instructor with years of experience, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Equipment for paragliding on Krippenstein

If you are looking for the right equipment for paragliding, be sure to get advice from experts who have years of experience. Sky Club Austria will be happy to provide you with expert advice. To sum up what you need for paragliding, a parachute, a harness, a helmet and even a reserve parachute immediately come to mind. Of course, an altimeter is also a great advantage. But we don’t stop there. Another important part of the equipment is clothing. The top layer must be windproof and sturdy shoes that will provide ankle support. Of course, paragliding is not just a classic pastime, it is literally about life, so once again, we advise you to make sure you get advice from the experts.

Basic rule: Safety always comes first!

Make sure you check your parachute and rescue chute regularly. Always read the regulations of the flying site carefully before flying. Finally, make sure you have liability insurance in place. This information will ensure a trouble-free flight.

Paragliding on Krippenstein and its landing area

When you decide to take such a big step, it is important to find out where you will land afterwards. If you decide to jump the top of Krippenstein then there is a new landing pad for it, located on Höll-Karl Weg, in the Winkl district, on the north side of the Traun River. As this is a private landing area, car access is not allowed. However, it is permitted to park the car for a maximum of 10 minutes on the Traunbrücke. Otherwise, park your car directly at the cable car. After landing, head back towards the cable car along the Wanderweg 7 trail.

So what is actually waiting for you and what will not pass?

First, you’ll climb a spectacular mountain and then paraglide down over the landscape and lakes of the Dachstein Salzkammergut. If you have no paragliding experience, you can take a course at Sky Club Austria. If you’re not sure, Sky Club Austria also offers tandem flights. Simply take off and soar into the sky.