Hallstatt Via Ferrata – Exploring the Thrilling Adventure

Hallstatt via ferrata

Hallstatt via ferrata. Are you a fan of adrenaline sports? Then rock climbing and via ferratas in Hallstatt area are the right choice for you. The mountains of Hallstatt offers many via ferratas for beginners and advanced climbers both.

Climbing a via ferrata is a very popular sport nowadays. The beautiful nature around Hallstatt with mountains almost 3000 meters high has many option how to get to know them to offer. There are not only hiking and biking trails, but also a more adrenaline trails for those who want to discover more. Some of them are suitable for beginners and you can also find guided via ferrata tours. They will show you the most breathtaking mountain views. Here is the list of what you shouldn’t miss.

Seewand – Hallstatt via ferrata

  • difficulty: level D-E
  • time: 4-6 hours
  • lenght: 1 km

This ferrata is really not recommended for beginners. It is one of the harder routes, but one of the most beautiful. It will offer you the greatest views on the Hallstatt, Hallstatt lake and the surrounded mountains. The best way to start is to park your car at the P3 parking which is halfway between Hallstatt and Obertraun. From there you will walk approx. 40 minutes to the starting point of the via ferrata. The terrain of this via ferrata is mostly solid rock and the elevation is 800 meters. The ropes are all along the way – but you should have a proper equipment with you on your way. Another important thing is to bring enough of a drinking water, because the climb is really long. There are few places to rest, enjoy the
view and one cave on the way.

Once you are on the top, you should visit the Gjaidalm cottage and refresh yourself with a snack. Best option for your way back is the cable car Dachstein Krippenstein. You can even stop on the Five Fingers viewpoint. But be aware of the running times of the cable car, the latest return is 16:30 to 17:00 (depends on the season). If you won’t use the cable car, the way back to the valley will take you about 3 hours. You should have in mind that in the highest peak could be snow – you should check the snow conditions in the tourist office before you go.

Reviews Seewand – Hallstatt via ferrata

“Challenging via ferrata, but totally worth it. With beautiful views on Hallstättersee, Hallstatt
and Dachstein. If you’re in good shape, you can do the whole circle in 6 hours.”

A little longer, not too difficult. Long descent down otherwise ok

I definitely recommend it, one of the nicest ferattas (rewarded by a beautiful view).

Little Bear via ferrata (Obertraun)

  • difficulty: level A
  • time: 45min
  • lenght: 0,2 km

Little Bear ferrata is perfect for beginners and whole families. It is a great start for climbers which offers you the experience of mountain rock climbing. The limitation for children is their height – minimum height is 135 cm. You can start this view ferrata right next to the station of the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car.

foto: https://www.outdoor-leadership.com/

Max & Moritz Children and youngsters via ferrata (Gosau)

  • difficulty: level A
  • time: 1 hour
  • lenght: 0,3 km

Another of the easy ones is Max & Moritz via ferrata at Gosau. It is divided in two parts according to the name. You can take both parts at once or just one, it only depends on how fit you are. This via ferrata is suitable for children from 7 years. The whole route takes about one hour. If you decide to go just for the first stage, you can leave after that and hike back to the starting point. The second stage is little bit harder, but the whole via ferrata is a level A. There are also guided tours provided every Tuesday, which you can learn more about at the tourist office.

Max & Moritz Children's and youth via ferrata

Dachstein Krippenstein via Ferrata Hallstatt – Obertraun

  • difficulty: level B
  • time: 2 hours
  • lenght: 0,95 km

This newly made via ferrata have something for everyone. Its level. Is mainly B, but there are several parts of the route, which are diverted by the difficulty. The 950 meters long via ferrata is marked as a level B, however it is not for beginners and you should have some experience and preparation if you decide to go there. You will climb up to the ‘Chamois’ statue from where you can continue to the Five Fingers viewing platform. But be aware, that there are two passages rated as a level C.

The starting point of this via ferrata is just 20 minutes from the station of the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car. The highest point of your climb will be 2082 meters. If you are an experienced climber, you can continue to the Northern wall via ferrata, which follows up the Dachstein Krippenstein ‘Chamois’ via ferrata. However this stage is rated level E and it is extremely hard with its length another 850 meters.


Himmeleck to the Gams | A | 600 metres’ climb
Gams to the 5fingers | B/C | 350 metres’ climb
Westpfeiler | E | 850 metres’ climb

Mountain Climb „Großer Donnerkogel“ (Gosau) – Stairway to Heaven

  • difficulty: level D
  • time: 3-4 hours
  • lenght: 1,1 km

One of the most picturesque via ferratas? Probably the one with the ladder to heaven. It is a little further away from Hallstatt, but it is definitely worth the visit. The start of this via ferrata is 15 minutes walk from the top station of Gosaukamm cable car. It lies at the height of 2055 meters and the elevation is around 400 meters on the way. This via ferrata is definitely not for beginners. It offers you amazing views on the Inner Salzkammergut region and the Dachstein glacier. The most attractive thing about this via ferrata is the 40 meters long “Jacob’s ladder”. But unfortunately that is also kind of a con of this via ferrata, because it brings too many people to climb it and sometimes you have to wait in line to get to the via ferrata itself.

“A great via ferrata. Quite physically demanding, nothing for beginners. Quite a lot of people on the road

You can hike to the top without ferrata. It is quit challanging but so beautiful ❤️.

Fantastic via ferrata with the famous giant ladder 🙂 An experience and not for the faint of heart! However, the descent is long and rather difficult to walk, and sometimes badly signposted.

Guided tours on via ferratas – Hallstatt and surroundings

If you have no experience but you are interested in climbing via ferratas, you should check the guided tours of climbing in the Salzkammergut area. It is available from May to October, you don’t need any equipment and you can participate even with your children. The tours are dependent on the current weather.

Weather and season when to climb via ferrata

Most of the via ferratas are accessible from May to the half of October. Some of them only from June to September. You should check these informations before you head up to the climb. Also check the possibility of a storm and a snow conditions up in the mountains.


Emergency phone number: 140
Catalog Via Ferratas – here you can see safety information, explore many more via ferratas in the area and learn all the necessary

Explore the region from via Ferrata – Hallstatt via Ferrata

The whole Salzkammergut is really rich for every kind of experience without exception for via ferratas. Those mentioned above are just a few which are closest to the Hallstatt or significant in some way. If you are planning to visit some via ferrata, alway prepare yourself carefully. Check the current weather, have enough of water with you and take to needed equipment. Do not overestimate yourself. But it is an amazing experience with the most gorgeous views. Enjoy the adventure on the via ferrata and take care of yourself.