Knappenhaus Hallstatt

Knappenhaus is a building located right in the Salzberg Valley over the Hallstatt town. You could easily go there by your feet from the lake. It is a beautiful place surrounded by mountains where you can even refresh yourself.

How to get there?

Knappenhaus is only 2,4 kilometers far from center of Hallstatt if you decide to go up by your feet. The trail is walkable during the whole year and offers some of the most beautiful views along the way. You will go past the Kaiser Franz Joseph tunnel, than when you are up on the mountain the Skywalk viewpoint and the Rudolfsturm. Skywalk has no entry fee and it stands right above the Hallstatt with the panoramic view on the lake and nature. You can also enjoy the view from the Rudolfsturm restaurant’s terrace. From there it is just 700 meters through the valley to the Knappenhaus.

If you do not have enough time or the weather isn’t really good, you could use the Cable car. It starts at the Hallstatt parking P2. The cable car will take you up to the hill in just few minutes. It runs every day from 9:00 to 16:30 o’clock in the winter, and in summer till 18:00. You can buy the tickets at the low station just for the cable car or altogether with the salt mines entrance. The price for the ride up and down is 20€ per adult person and 10€ for children.

Salzberg Valley

The Knappenhaus building is located in the middle of the gorgeous Salzberg valley. That high valley is placed up in the mountains above Hallstatt. It is where the original Hallstatt population lived and worked. Once you come up by the cable car you have an amazing path before you. You will discover interesting things about Hallstatt history with the beautiful nature around you. There have been more than 1500 graves uncovered till this day. Some of them you can visit along the way as well as some small chapels. You will also come across the archeological site where you can see the found burial objects.

Knappenhaus Hallstatt  archeological site

There is an audio guide which you can rent and you can learn about the 7000 years history of Hallstatt and its salt mining. The audio guide is available in ten languages and you can rent it at the Salzberg cable car station for 2€. On the end of the path, you will come to the Knappenhaus where the tour of Salt mines starts.

Salt mines, Rudolfsturm and Skywalk all in one next to Knappenhaus Hallstatt

All of these three amazing things you can find in the Salzberg valley. Those are the highlights of the whole vacation in Hallstatt area. if you are going to Hallstatt just for one day, you should’t miss these places at any chance. After you explore the small town and the lake, you can get up to the Salzberg valley – by to cable car or skywalk by your feet. Once you are up there, first place to go is the Skywalk viewpoint. It offers an amazing panoramic view on the Hallstatt Lake and the mountains around. After that, you can have a lunch at the Rudolfsturm restaurant. Their terrace will as well offer you amazing view along with the traditional Austrian meals and drinks. 

Rudolfsturm restaurant

After the refreshment, you can head up to the Knappenhaus where the Salt mine tour starts. You will enjoy beautiful small walk through the Salzberg valley. When you reach the destination of Knappenhaus, you can enjoy some small snacks in the kiosk there, while you are waiting  for the start of the guided tour. You can buy the tickets to the salt mines at the bottom station of the Salzberg cable car. It is more advantageous to buy the tickets along with the cable car ride. The salt mines are open everyday till 18:00 o’clock. 

Hike across the Knappenhaus to the Plassen mountain

If you love to hike on your vacation, there is a great hiking trail through the Salzberg high valley with the Knappenhaus. You will start at the center of Hallstatt and experience the most beautiful views on your way. The Plassen mountain will be your destination. The mountain with its 1953 meters height will offer you great view on the Dachstein massive. The hiking trail is rated as a difficult one. It is walkable from May to October, but you should check the snow conditions before you go at the Hallstatt information center. On your way, you should stop at the Knappenhaus kiosk for refreshment. You can shorten your route with the cable car from Hallstatt to the high valley, but be aware that the last ride is at 18:00 o’clock.

Bike trail to the Plassen mountain

An amazing way to discover all the beauty of this place is to get on a bike. A possible bike trail is this nearly 15 kilometers long, that will get you to see the best of this area. The start and end of the route is at Hallstatt. You start with a big elevation which will get you up to the Salzberg valley. You will then continue to get up through the Salzberg valley around the Knappenhaus all the way to the top of the Plassen mountain.

The whole elevation is 1400 meters, so it wouldn’t be just for anyone. The Plassen mountain has 1953 meters and it is the highest mountain on this side of the lake in the direction of Gosau. From the mountain you will only go down the rest of the way, you will go around the Plassen mountain and head back to the Hallstatt. On your way back around 20th kilometer of your trip you will do pass the Waldbachstrub Waterfalls. From then it is only few kilometers through the Echern valley along the rivers back to the Hallstatt.

Meet the history at the Knappenhaus Hallstatt

Whether you decide to hike, bike or just go for a casual walk, you should definitely visit this place. It is one of the oldest places in Hallstatt and it holds a great piece of history. At summer you can enjoy a drink at the Knappenhaus kiosk while looking at the view of Salzberg high valley with the Plassen mountain right at your back. But it is also amazing during the winter. To the Knappenhaus you can get at any time of the year and we would definitely recommend you to visit the guided tour through the salt mines that starts there.