Echerntal Valley in Hallstatt – Experience the Unique Beauty


Echerntal – welcome, explorers and travelers! We invite you to escape to the wonderfully romantic Echern Valley in Hallstatt. With its majestic mountains, awe-inspiring waterfalls, and incredible sights, this is a place where you can relax and forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life – a perfect getaway!

Are you looking for a great escape from the hectic tourists zones in the world-famous region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut? If so, then you should definitely explore the romantic Echerntal Valley. Tucked away in Hallstatt and surrounded by compellingly majestic mountains and beautiful waterfalls, the Echerntal Valley is the perfect destination to take off on a discovery adventure with your family, enjoy some much-needed relaxation and break free from the hustle-bustle of everyday life.

The hike to the beautiful waterfalls that rush into the depths of the valley leads you through this wildly romantic and picturesque valley. It’s just a short, well-marked trail from Hallstatt to the Waldbachstrub Falls. This is one of the most fantastic sights in the area with its massive, 90-meter-high, three-tiered gorge. The hike is suitable for for groups, schools, children of all ages, single travelers, friends, couples or your pets. Just anybody will enjoy it.

Review of Echerntal – valley of beauty

  • Such a beautiful and enchanting place for a peaceful hike . Its take around 1 hour and half from city center . Worth the scenery and serenity.
  • Absolutely magical
  • From Hallstatt, right from the information center on the waterfront, there is a direct road to this wonderful waterfall. The road is mostly flat, only at the very end you have to climb a little. Even the road itself is quite picturesque, and the waterfall is generally wonderful. The trip there and back will take you about 2-3 hours.
  • One of the most beautiful walks in the area. Even the locals don’t know where to find it

Once you reach this amazing waterfalls, give yourself a moment to admire this natural spectacle in all its glory. Then relax and meditate on the bench provided, where you can and marvel at the beauty of this sight undisturbed. With its mesmerizing beauty, the Waldbachstrub waterfalls attract not only summer guests, but also local residents throughout the year. See Hallstatt spring. So don’t wait any longer, come to the Echerntal Valley and experience some of the most jaw-dropping scenery and moments of peace and serenity, away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist-zone of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. You won’t regret it!

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Once you arrive at the majestic Waldbachstrub waterfalls, take a moment to admire their natural beauty. Then relax and meditate on the bench provided, where you can be undisturbed while marveling at the beauty of the sight. With its mesmerizing beauty, the waterfalls attract both summer guests and local residents all year round. So don’t delay any longer, come to the Echerntal Valley. Experience some of the most stunning scenery and peaceful moments away from the tourist-zone of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. You won’t regret it – and it’s best to experience it with your own eyes. Therefore, if you come to Hallstatt, don’t forget to walk through the Echerntal Valley. Or plan a whole day there; so that you can take in all its glory.

If you are planning to come from Gosau or, on the contrary, you are heading to Gosau, do not forget to stop at the beautiful Rossalm mountain hut. There you can not only recharge your batteries with rest, good food and drink, but also the views of the surroundings are worth it. An excellent stop for both MTB cyclists and hiking tourists

See where you can hike around Hallstatt, or ride a MTB. In the summer months, take a swim on the beach in Obertraun or escape the heat and look at the views, especially the 5 fingers are amazing. If that’s not enough for you, don’t forget to cool off in the caves on the way up to Krippenstein.
Are you looking for an ideal place for a family vacation? Hallstatt lake and its surroundings offer many beautiful places for a few days or more than a week. Go to one of the most beautiful Austrian lakes. With our tips you will plan an unforgettable holiday in Hallstatt and its surroundings!

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