Plassen (1953m): A Hiking Adventure with views

Plassen (1953m)

If you are a lover of long and moderate hiking, the Plassen mountain (1953m ) will offer you that. And not only hiking, but amazing views, beautiful nature and experiences for the rest of your life. Just take your backpack, hiking boots and start.

  • Let’s talk about background information to Mount Plassen
  • Hiking to Plassen
    • 1. Hallstatt > Salzberg > Plassen
    • 2. Gosau > Plassen
  • What will amaze you at the top of Plassen ?
  • Mountain reviews
  • With what to combine this trip?
  • Summary

Let’s talk about the background information to Mount Plassen

The majestic Plassen is 1,953 metres high and is also known as Plassenstein. Around the mountain are peaks such as: Vorderer Plassen (1871 m), Lahngangkogel (1755 m), Stähnhag ( 1502 m), Marxenkogel (1370 m), Schneidkogel (1552m). The best time for visiting is from May to October if there is no snow on the mountains. Read more about Hallstatt mountains. Check Peakvisor for weather.

Hiking to Plassen

1. Hallstatt > Salzberg > Plassen

Experience the breathtaking panorama with the Salzbergbahn Hallstatt cable car, which takes you up into the valley, beyond which you can continue to the mountain. Or do you prefer a pleasant and calming walk? In this case, from the town of Hallstatt, take the serpentine trail directly from Hallstatt to Plassen. It takes you about 45-50min. Here you will reach a signpost where you will join the Salzberg trail.

The Hallstatt – Plassen trail leads directly to the mountain. But if you like to discover interesting places and combine the pleasant with the useful, then first take the Salzkammergut Trail klassisch, where you will pass the Schaugrab Museum and the archaeological site of Gräberfeld.

These two trails meet at the Knappenhaus Kiosk. In that place the trails disconnect and we will follow the route Hallstatt – Plassen. When you are approaching the mountain you pass the Schutzhöhle cave. Towards the end you will encounter a more difficult section, but there is nothing to worry about as it is made easier and secured with metal railings.

2. Gosau > Plassen

Let’s go with us for a walk to one of the most beautiful viewpoints. The journey begins at the Gosau Sports Centre. First, walk a few metres along the Gosaubachweg and then take the Wanderweg Hohe Scheibe trail. At the signpost take the Salzkammergut Trail klassisch. At the next crossroads we’ll take the Roßalm-Salzberg route. Salzkammergut Trail klassisch. At the last crossroad we will follow the Hallstatt – Plassen trail and follow this trail up to the top.

What will amaze you at the top of Plassen ?

There is a cross right on the top together with the summit book. Mountain offers an incredibly beautiful view of the Salzkammergut. While admiring the rugged Gosaukamm mountain range, you can see the Schafberg above Lake Wolfgangsee or even the Bavarian mountains in Germany on a clear day.

Indescribably beautiful. The right summit for the right day. Clouds contribute a lot to special moods, but the blue sky this morning was actually cannot be described with words. Distance view was awesome. The highest peaks complete clear of clouds. A rare spectacle. Just as special is the still lack of civil airliners. No traces in radius of at least 100 kilometers on to see sky. Amazing lonely tour, beautiful in the shade, perfect for a warm summer day. In my opinion, the #plassen beats the Hohen Sarstein still as a panoramic mountain in the Salzkammergut. Particularly beautiful view of the Hoher Dachstein without the usual reflections when the sun is out already high up.

Mountain reviews

Well worth it. Amazing view at the top.

Stunning views and completely worth it.

Gorgeous views

With what to combine this trip?

If you are a lover of sightseeing, we definitely recommend combining this trip with a visit to Rudolfsturn. Which was a medieval defensive and tower. Nowadays you can find a restaurant here. You can also visit the Schaugrab Museum or take a look at the Sky walk, which offers breathtaking views.


The mountain offers a beautiful panorama that you will love during your trip. You can also visit the Skywalk or the former medieval Rudolfsturn Tower, where you can also have a meal. If you like mountains, don’t forget to visit the Schneidkogel mountain or Hallstat’s waterfall and of course the small town of Hallstatt.