Schneidkogel: A Guide to Hiking and Adventure

Schneidkogel 1551m

Put on your hiking boots, take bag pack and go with us to the Schneidkogel mountain. Trust me the view is stunning. Plus the ascent over the Salzberg offers beautifull view over the valley. And you can take the first part by cable car and then hike.

  • Let’s talk about some information about the Schneidkogel mountain and its traill
  • Hiking to Schneidkogel
    • 1. Echerntal Valley > Waldbachstrub waterfall > Schneidkogel
    • 2. Hallstatt > Salzberg > Schneidkogel
  • What will amaze you at the top of Schneidkogel?
  • Schneidkogel mountain reviews
  • With what to combine this Schneidkogel trip?
  • How to prepare for ascent? 
  • Accommodation and restaurant with amazing view
  • Summary

Schneidkogel mountain overview

The altitude of Schneidkogel is 1551m. Hiking up this mountain is medium difficulty, suitable for advanced tourists. The path consists of gravel, asphalt, natural ground and forest path. The condition of the trail changes based on weather. The best time to visit is from May to October.

Hiking to Schneidkogel

When planning a trip to Schneidkogel mountain, it’s crucial to determine whether you’d like to take an extended excursion to explore the surrounding nature, such as the Waldbachstrub watefall in Echerntal valley, which I highly recommend spending an entire day doing. Alternatively, you could opt to head straight to the mountain and potentially make stops at the Skywalk and Salt mine along the way.

1.  Echerntal Valley > Waldbachstrub waterfall > Schneidkogel

First, from the town of Hallstatt you will hike through the magical Echerntal Valley to the Waldbachstrub waterfall along the Gangsteig trail (steep track in Echerntal) and from there to Salzberg. The exact route to the waterfall and what you can see can be found here: Hallstatt waterfall. A little further towards Plassen mountain, the road branches to the right and winds uphill a little. After a total of three and a half hours of moderate hiking, you’ll reach a beautiful panorama.

Then return the same way to the Plassen trail, where you’ll pass through the entire Salzberg valley. You can get back to the town of Hallstatt either by cable car from Salzberg station or on foot along the classic Salzkammergut Trail. This route from the Schneidkogel mountain to Hallstatt will take you two hours. The descent hike is 6 km long, but has a certain partial reduction in altitude, from 1551 m down to approx. 550 m.

2. Hallstatt > Salzberg > Schneidkogel

The starting point for this mountain hike is the Salzberg in Hallstatt. The first time we did this Schneidkokel hike we took the Salzbergbahn – the cable car took us to the Salzberg in 3 minutes. It was quite a fast ride and we enjoyed it in the cable car and admired the nature around us. If you want to go the same way, take a look at the current price list – Hallstatt skywalk tickets. The panoramic lift and bridge continue to the Rudolfsturm restaurant and World heritage skywalk viewing platform.

Then from the Skywalk we had a very steep, but prepared path that led us around Knappenhaus and Saltmine to water fountain. Next we followed the path and in only about 300m we turned right. Then the last 2km was along a beautiful and quiet forest path to the top of the Schneidkogel. I hope you will enjoy the view as much as we did. When we finished the climb up, we then went back the same way and took the cable car back to Hallstatt. This whole route was about 4 hours from the station in Hallstatt to the mountain and back.

The entire journey was 9 km long, but had almost 800 meters of elevation gain. This April or May, as long as there is no snow, we are planning this hike once again, this time without the cable car and with a little running on the road.

What will amaze you at the top of Schneidkogel? 

Below the steep rocky escarpment, you will see the stream of traffic on the main road at Lake Hallstatt. The railway and cycle path wind along the eastern shore of the lake, with the Plassen peak behind you. From a height you can see the Dachstein Mountains and of course the entire area of Hallstatt LakeHallstatt, the lake, boats, ferries, etc

Schneidkogel mountain reviews

  • Great View!
  • Nice place, it only took 2 hours of hiking
  • Dream view of Lake Hallstatt.

With what to combine this trip?

You can combine your trip with the oldest salt mine. Once underground, you will explore for about 2 kilometers on foot. The mine train will then bring you back out into the daylight. Next stop could be Hallstatt Skywalk. A panoramic bridge leads you to the Rudolf’s Tower. And then, suddenly, it lies there before you: an imposing 12-meters-long lookout platform.

You can do both before or after the steep hike up the hill. On the way up, we only completed the Skywalk viewpoint, then we hiked to the Schneidkogel, and after descending back down, we rested and refreshed ourselves in the Rudolfsturm restaurant, where we enjoyed a beer and a meal. We missed the salt mine, which we visited on other occasions.

Is there anything you need to prepare for the climb?

Remember that this is not a classic walk, you may find yourself in high mountain terrain. I definitely recommend: sturdy footwear, backpack, hiking map, rain gear, sun protection, sunglasses, sufficient drinks and snacks, loaded mobile phone or power bank and possibly first-aid kit.

Accommodation and restaurant with amazing view

As we mentioned above in Salzberg we visited Rudolfsturm. Restaurant where you will enjoy not only typical Austrian cuisine but also the amazing view of the southern part of the fjord-like Lake Hallstatt from the large terrace and the cosy parlour. This restaurant is only in the Salzberg. If you want to have more experiences about food you should visit restaurants in Hallstatt with view.

For accomodation, it is perfect to stay in town of Hallstatt. See luxury hotels in Hallstatt. From the town you can go on any trail, whether to the waterfalls, around lake, Koppental valley or to Schneidkogel mountain.

Summary of Schneidkogel hike

Not only will you clear your head on the way up the mountain, but you’ll also give your muscles a workout. Yes, you’ll be sore all over the next day, but it’s definitely worth it for these magnificent views. And there’s nothing better than ending the whole hike with a good meal with a view. If you are in Hallstatt for a week, then definitely hike this mountain up. You will love it as we did.